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Last week, we made blog entry about the SINCA session we hosted on January 25. The video of the session  is now available for you to watch. It shows my remarks explaining the topic etc. at the beginning, followed by the talk by the two guests, Miyuki Inoue and George Nishiyama about their background, and discussion on various issues around media we see today.  Very interesting topics such as “How to distinguish facts from fake news,” “the quality of Japanese media”, “how media companies distinguish their offering from others,” “how they see the media literacy in Japan, etc.” are included.   It also shows the part of breakout sessions to give you the sense of how run SINCA session.  It ends with my wrap up comment.  (Video does not show the networking, but you can take a look at the photo on the left.)

You can see the video below.

You can also go to our website: to view the video.  In addition to the session, I interviewed both guests, in English and in Japanese before the session.  We plan to post the video of interviews soon. In addition, we also asked some participants to share their impression/reaction of the session. We will post them, as well, soon.  So stay tuned.

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