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Two part video of the SINCA Dialogue session we hosted on Sunday, July 12 is now ready for your view. I usually ask our pro SINCA team member Erika to edit the video, but this time I edited the video.  It is because 1. We are in a hurry as we want to host SINCA online session every 2 weeks or so during the summer (if we can) and I did not want to ask Erika  busy with her work and family to take time to edit the video.

In this session, we asked four breakout groups to address one of the four questions.  After breakout session for about 45 minutes, we asked each group to report back what they discussed.

Video Part 1 shows report back from groups 1 and 2 and following comments. In Part 2, you can hear report back from the groups 3 and 4.  General discussion followed regarding Covid-19 in general . We have a participant from Singapore, too.  We have too many photos of everybody and the editing is far from good, but I plan to develop my video editing skills, so please be patient.Our next session is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 26 and we will keep you informed once we decide on the format and topics. So stay tuned…
Here are the video. Enjoy!

  1. Do you plan to install software apps now available to detect/trace infection?
  2. If the second wave emerges in Japan, do you restrict your actions as before?
  3. Are you thinking of the possibility ad/or planning to move out of the cities to live in the local area?
  4. If it becomes possible, do you travel overseas this year?

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