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The video of SINCA debate #6 held on Friday, June 12, is finally ready for your review.  The statement was “Academic year should start in September.”,  We have two video-part 1 and part 2,, both little over 15 minutes each.

In video Part 1, I start the session explaining the background of topic, and debate process which consists of three main parts.  It was followed by  both affirmative and negative sides explaining their argument to support (for Affirmative) and to oppose (for Negative) the statement above.  It is followed by rebuttal from both sides.

In video Part 2, the summary from both sides is given, followed by the vote by the judges.  Judges made some additional comments on the debate they saw.  I think you learn something new even though you do not join the teams.  i.e. Judges will have a good opportunity to follow the logic of both sides and learn how to make an argument.

At the end of video Part 2, I made some comments, including the importance of definition of the terms.  I found at this session, the affirmative side  went onto describing the reasons why they support the statement WITHOUT  defining the terms of the statement and context. It appeared that there was a difference in understanding the timing of the change between affirmative and negative.  By defining the terms and context clearly, the debate would have been ,more focused.  I suggest whenever you discuss issues, it is important to have common understanding of the context and terms.

Take a look at Part 1 and 2 to see how you can build the reasoning.  You might want to try how you would argue if you take either side.  Enjoy two video!

It is hard to believe half of the year 2020 is over. We plan to have more online discussion and debate in July on. So stay tuned.

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