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Video lecture of Debate for Beginners we hosted as SINCA special on May 10 is now ready for your review.  I explained what Debate is and how to prepare etc. in 17 min. video.  When we did the session on May 10, I could not show slides well, so this video is much easier to watch to get the general idea.  (Video editing was done by, Erika san, in her very busy schedule.)

We also had difficulty getting two breakout rooms merge as we had two topics and four teams. We had 24 people.  We plan to try some debate in a few weeks and by then, we will see what would be the best way to do it online.  Take a look at the video below.

Our upcoming SINCA session is scheduled for this Sunday, May 24.  It will be in the format of breakout discussion & report back.  The topic is “What is your story? What do you want to do when emergency status is cleared and we are able to move around (with masks and social distance.)?”  There is a good possibility that the “stay home” request may ease within the next few days, but we can still discuss what wish we found.  Here is the link

Story telling is very important and effective today as the form of communication.  You can search Khan Academy and other site to get some tips for story telling, Story telling skill can be developed with practice. .

As I interview several past participants of Global Agenda Seminar series which ended last year, I am always very impressed with their own stories. Latest interview video is here.  (I also want to develop better skills to interview them to draw their stories more effectively, as I hear so many well done interviews in podcast such as Fresh Air etc.  Always many things to keep learning!


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