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The short video of the topic session we held with the help of BCCJ in Akasaka is now ready for your review.  First Lori Henderson, Executive Director, who made it possible for us to hold the session at BCCJ, gave us welcome.  I then asked participants to draw/write THEIR ideal society 5.0 for a few minutes.

Ms. Naoko Ogawa, in charge of latest report of Society 5.0 at Keidanren, gave a presentation outlining the major concepts of Society 5.0 and took some questions.

Break out discussions followed and some groups shared their discussion at the end.  I talked about the 101st anniversary reception of Estonia, which was picked up as ideal country for IT.  (I attended the reception and met with the ambassador and his wife the day before!)

Here is the video. Enjoy. You can also watch on our website.
Our next session “Music and sound to Innovation” is scheduled for March 8.  Here is the link for registration.

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