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It took much longer than we had expected, but the youtube of the session #8 of Davos Experience in Tokyo is now uploaded. For my report, please check my earlier blog entry.   It is quite long over 1 hour and a half, but you can watch the first 20 minutes to see how the real session was conducted at the venue. Next hour shows online discussion with people (one who had participated in Davos… previously and her friend) from other parts of Tokyo (I believe) and in Kyoto.  Professor Toru Iiyoshi of Kyoto University who is very knowledgeable about on-line education and MOOC joined in the latter half to discuss various aspects of online education.  You can watch here.

Session # 9 of Davos … in Tokyo will be held on Friday, November 8.  I will post it on my next blog entry. So check it out.

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