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I watched the video of the session we dd  on Thursday “How to accelerate DX” with Minister Audrey Tang of Taiwan as a guest.  Whenever I give a talk/seminar/moderate the panel etc. I watch video of the session when it is available,  (I did not have time to watch in full yesterday as I had many activities)  There are many interesting and detailed comments regarding how Audrey made many things happen.   I read some books and watched video Audrey gave for the preparation for this session (was asked to prepare a list of questions), and some of remarks I was more or less aware beforehand.  However, Audrey explained details and backgrounds as well as key concept in simple and easy to follow terms, and I felt we learned many tips for accelerating DX.

I did not follow the order of questions I prepared and asked some new ones as I found relevant -including the benefit of Covid-19 as transformation by necessity and International Space Station… (I usually ask questions that come to mind on the spot!)

I was quite nervous about the session as I felt it would be such great opportunity for me to talk w Audrey on one hand,  and was worried if my PC did not work! etc.  (In fact, Siri on my iPhone asked me something during the show! I could hear that on the video!)    I felt my questions could have proceeded more smoothly at certain points, but the main thing is that I enjoyed the session very much.

I hope those who watched the session would find it fun (you can watch the session as well as many other sessions from this site.)

What I found most intriguing  was that key integrating concepts, even though they appear conflicting with each other, emerge during our sleep when we read information before we go to sleep. I started practicing it myself, but it may require some more practice.

I am grateful to Audrey for inspiring and encouraging suggestions and Sansan, organizer of this event.

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