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This is the Video of part 2 of the SINCA Startup session Friday last week (November 30).   We had representatives of two startups working at 100BANCH- namely Teplo and  180mg/dl.   Kaz Kawanobe explained the concept of Teplo and the background, and Ayumi Maruyama presented the idea of selfcare for diabetes, capitalizing on her expertise in graphic design and medicine.  After the two presentations, participants did brainstorming for some time, asking questions and making suggestions for two representatives.  At the end of the session, some groups reported back their suggestions to the startups.  As we practiced the presentations with two representatives in advance, I think they were much more comfortable explaining their concept in English.  We would like to continue this type of SINCA startup sessions, as we believe startups will make our society lively and at the same time resolving some problems we face.

As I reported few days ago, Ayumi’s concept won the award at Tokyo Startup Gateway 2018 that weekend. Kaz’s Teplo will be presented at CES next month in Las Vegas and at SXSW in March.   Here is a video of the part 2.  You can get the feel for it.

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