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I wrote about my visit to Nice/Monaco last week for the Innovative City/DayOne event.  As I did not take too many photos of the conference, I wrote mainly about my impression of the place.  Now I received the video of the session I moderated “Deep Dive-Gig Economy Worldwide” which is about 20 minutes and have interesting remarks from Alessandro of Deliveroo and Virginie of BNP Paribas.  I thought it was very interesting to compare/contrast the young company with flexible work style mainly targeting at young generation (students etc.)such as Deliveroo  and the big, established corporation such as BNP Paribas for their HR practices.  I could not resist and talked a bit about my status (free lancing) and the situation in Japan. Photos are Piers who was in charge of many speakers and Virginie.

There are many more video of the sessions which I want to watch in the next few days. Here is the video of Deep Dive. Enjoy.

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