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After having two online debate sessions (in particular, #2 on impact of company meetings online which turned out very exciting -video shown below), we are hosting Debate 3 this coming Sunday.  This time the topic is “Schools-grades and high schools) in Japan should go digital to develop capable people for the future.”   It will be held at 8:00 pm on Sunday, April 19, using zoom.

As schools are closed and some of you may have children at home, you may wonder how to keep your children continue learning and being entertained at home, If their schools are equipped with infrastructure and skills needed to offer online courses, you are in good shape.  However, many schools do NOT have one, it seems.  This is a problem now, but bigger issue is how to make sure that our young generation learns digital technology and skill to use them, because they are the ones that shape our future.   After trying online debate twice in a row, we are improving procedure to register people and how to proceed with debate on the day as well.  Details and registration are  here.  So sign up now! Everybody is welcome!

For your review, we post the video (15 minutes or so, a bit too much of me and not much on the comments from the judges who watch the debate) below. You can get the feel for it.   Sign up soon as we may close registration so that teams can prepare….

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