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As reported earlier, we hosted #21 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo”series on Friday, December 12. The you tube video is now available for your review.
Video is about 50 minutes long, but consists of several parts.  First 4 minutes or so, I start the session and welcome the participants. Then I explain Part 1 of our activities, which is  to think of the English term that describes the year 2014 individually and explain the word and the reason to other members of the breakout groups.

For a few minutes, the video shows the participant explaining the word of their choice (I see “change”,etc.)  Then from little after 6 minutes into the video, we shared the survey result of the most important issue/agenda for the year 2015 we collected before hand.  This is the beginning of Part 2 of our activities, i.e. looking into the year 2015.

We tried little device to vote at the spot.  After some tests, we asked participants there to vote for the most important issue they think for the new year.  The top on the list was “Future of Work.”  When we found out that it was the topic of their choice, I explained that I am a member of the Global Agenda Council of Future of Jobs.  Then the part 2 of the breakout session began where the group chose one topic and developed some ideas to address the topic at Davos Experience in Tokyo sessions in the new year.   The video shows some participants discuss/develop ideas of part 2.

Then each group reported back what they discussed within the group to us all. (from 19 min. into the video until 35 min. or so).  After each group’s report back, I made some brief comment as what they developed would feed well into our plan for the 2015.

From 37 minutes or so, I facilitated the general discussion and shared some of my own experience of being a freelancer (such as finding the place to work when you have no office!) and about the survey we plan to do at Global Agenda Council.  So all in all, the video is about 50 minutes.  You can skim the parts and watch the part you find interesting.  We tried more activities this time (such as parts 1 and 2 as well as votes, compared with our regular session of just having one part without vote) and you can tell we are trying to have a diverse activity so that we can keep engaging the participants.  Here is the link to the video.  Enjoy!

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