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detbarIn addition to the Quick Report and Short video that has been made available, video of #43 of Davos Experience in Tokyo entitled “sharing economy” is now ready for your review. We had some people from airbnb, which is one of the pioneers of sharing economy, explain their status in Japan and new service. Then each one of participants thought about what expertise/experience they can offer as host to the guests in breakout sessions.
Video consists of four parts-Part 1 (4 min.); short interview with one of the hosts, Jack, of airbnb, Part 2(28 min.) ; my welcome remarks and presentations by Mika Yamamoto and two hosts of airbnb, Part 3 (20 min.) presentation by 6 breakout groups of their best idea, followed by votes (The idea with largest votes is very interesting). and part 4 (over 5 minutes) ; brief interview with two people who participated for the first time.(below)  Here is the link. Enjoy!

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