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image1-2Video of the session #41 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series held at Unilever on Friday, October 7, is now ready for your view.
It consists of four parts- “Before session” -brief interview with Yuka Shimada of Unilever, “Opening” -my opening and presentation of WAA-Work from Anywhere, Anytime- initiative at Unilever” for 40 minutes, “Presentation”-25 min-report back from four breakout groups and my comment at the end and “After session” two brief interviews with the participants. Each part comes with brief review so that you know what to look for. For ideas reported by breakout groups , here is the memo.uniliver-ideas You can have a glimpse of the event below, too.

Our next session is on Thursday, November 3. This is the session open to all where you can find out General Purpose Artificial Intelligence and ask any questions about AI in general (I have a lot of questions as I do not quite know what it can do) and brainstorm our future society. For details and registration, please go to this site and register!

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