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14292425_1234555886578101_1731967431592616219_nVideo archive with brief summary of the session #40 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series held at NEC on September 9 is now ready for your view. The topic was “Artificial Intelligence-how we apply technologies to our life?
After the two presentations by the NEC executive on AI in general and specifically on two technologies-face recognition and object fingerprint, eight breakout groups were engaged in brainstorming to develop creative (read, crazy) ideas to market them.
Video consists of interviews before and after the session, opening and presentation. Please take a look as it refreshes your memory from here. (I have asked NEC people for the slides used at the session, and they provided us with slide files. But they are too large to post on blog. So I had sent them to the participants.)
Our next session is scheduled for October 7, at Unilever Japan and the topic is “WAA-Work from Anywhere Anytime.” This is the initiative at Unilever to design new work style as technologies enable us to have different approach to work. Registration has begun and many have already registered. Details and registration is here.

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