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DSC_0020 のコピー DSC_0097 (1) のコピーFinally! the video archive of the session # 37 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series with summary is ready for your review.  It consists four parts- Before session with two interviews with the guests from Nanmoku village, 2) Opening talk with presentation starting with my (rather long) introduction, followed by the presentation by Shion Nakamura of Nanmoku village. 3) Report back from the breakout session by six groups on two topics – a) how do you find me the “Fourth Place” and  how to recruit people to come to the village, and comments from the guests.  4) After session interviews with two participants who came for the first time.

Every time I ask breakout groups to discuss and report back, I find some ideas which I had never thought about.  It is good for us to think by ourselves, and at the same time to brainstorm with people from different backgrounds.  I think this is what “diversity” is all about.   You can watch the video archive with summary here.  Enjoy! Our next session is on June 24 and registration is open

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