grouppicture1 It has been a while since I wrote Quick Report of #35 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. Now the video with summary is available for your review here.
Video starts with Opening Talk & Presentation (Part 1 48 minutes) in which I gave a brief introduction, followed by presentation of auction items (altogether there were 14 by 10 people including me!), Presentation and Closing (Part 2, 25 minutes) where report back from each group is followed by my brief wrap up, Before session (Part 3) with my interview with one of the participants (4 minutes in Japanese and in English) and After session (Part 4, 6 minutes) of my interview with two participants (Japanese an English.)
I strongly recommend those who are interested in what kind of items are offered for auction to view the video.   I also recommend  those who actually present their items to view the video, as you can develop your communication/presentation skills best by watching your own. (I always watch the whole video myself because I find my strange and rather distractive habit–I tend to interrupt the interviewee often.  I always try not to make the same mistake.)
IMG_9316 I also recommend that reporter from each group focus on what they find, rather than what they do. i.e. We want to know what are the common themes and lessons learned from the breakout sessions, i.e. message and learning, rather than the statement “we introduced ourselves and Mr. A wants to do X, and Ms. B wants to do C.” etc.
I realize it is NOT easy to summarize the discussion on the spot, (and I myself have made same mistakes as I could not get the main message/lessons etc. -I still struggle today!)
My suggestion is to “think” while you discuss and volunteer to report back as this is a great opportunity to learn how to do it. (My objective of running “Davos Experience in Tokyo series” every month is to offer as many opportunities to as many people to “practice”. So I hope many of you will make the best of the opportunities.
Our next session will be on Friday, April 22. For details and registration, go to our site. Looking forward to seeing many of you then.