2_s_DSC_0019It is already March, the third month of the year 2016 and over two weeks since we had the session #34 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series on February 12. The video of the session where I explained the Future of Jobs report and we heard from Soichiro Minami of BizReach is now available with brief summary.
2_s_DSC_0243It has opening talk (45 minutes), presentation and wrap up (29 minutes) and before and after interviews. The talk and interview with Soichiro has a lot to learn from,  as his impressions are so vivid.
Besides, (as I wrote on my blog yesterday), it helps to watch yourself (and others?) if you are interested in developing your own communication skills.
Here is the link to the video archive.

Our next session is on Friday, March 18 and we want many people to sign up for the “experience auction” whether as the person offering the item or the one bidding. I will offer a few items for you to bid.  For details and registration, please go to our website.
Looking forward to seeing you then.