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DSC_0476_s Video archive with summary in English of our last session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series on December 4 is now available for your view. It consists of Part 1 (Opening) with presentation by Toru Tokushige, founder of Terra-Motors, Part 2 (Presentation & closing) with report back from breakout groups, Part 3 (Before session) of brief interview with Toru, in Japanese and in English and Part 4 (After session) interview with two participants of the session.
Please take a look to get the feel for our series. Toru has very important message at the end to the Japanese youth. (“at heart” included.)
Our next session-first of the year 2016 and #33 since we started the series- will be held on Friday, January 15 at Google. It will be a skill development session. Many people have already signed up. So hurry. For details and registration, follow this link.

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