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IMG_7692group2 Video archive with summary of #31 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series is now ready for your view.
Video consists of 1) Opening talk by me on the Summit on Global Agenda in Abu Dhabi, question to participants re: “memorable teacher that made impact” 2) Discussion of memorable teacher and presentation by Yusuke Matsuda of Teach for Japan, 3) Report by from each breakout group and comment by Y. Matsuda 4) before session interview with Y. Matsuda and 5) after session interviews with two participants. Please take a look to see how Davos.. in Tokyo works.
EVOur next session will be on Friday, December 4, with a guest, Toru Tokushige, founder of Terra-Motors. We will discuss start up and mega venture. For details and registration, go to our site.

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