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KatoNow video of #25 of Davos Experience in Tokyo on April 17 is finally available with a summary. It has been a while since I wrote Quick report two weeks ago. The guest of the session entitled “Innovation in agriculture and food supply chain” was Ms. Yuriko Katoh, founder of M2-lab and we developed specific ideas for her concept of combining Agriculture with other sectors/agenda.
Video consists of four parts–1) Opening Talk (about 30 minutes) where Yuriko explained how she began M2-lab and status quo of Japanese agriculture today, 2) Presentation (some 30 breakoutIMGP0907_trimminutes) by each of the groups and 3) short interview with Yuriko Kato before the session and 4) short interviews with two participants of the session after the session. You can watch here.
Our next session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series will be on May 22, entitled “Another YOU-how you can make use of your hidden skills/talents”. Registration is open, so join us here.

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