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As reported earlierO&Mpair, we hosted the session #24 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Ogilvy & Mather, thus Davos Experience at Ogilvy… last Friday, March 20. Video archive with summary is now available at our website.

The opening is some 50 minutes where Mr. Aki Kubo, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Japan and I welcomed the participants followed by the quick workshop on favorite and disliked brand by the participants. Then Todd Krugman, President of O & M Japan, gave an overview of Ogilvy & Mather, followed by the presentation by Naoko Ito of Big Ideal.

In the presentation video (little over 30 minutes), each group shared their application of Big Ideal. Groups applying Big Ideal to their favorite brand discussed Shinkansen (bullet train), Sony, Ghibli, Chanel and TED.  The group applying Big Ideal selected the person whose nick name is Natto, fermented beans.  It was quite funny.  The last two groups shared their ideas to promote Big Ideal of Ogilvy & Mather focusing on “inner greatness” and “employees.”

At the end, we have two brief interviews–Before and After session.  The one with Aki Kubo, discussing the unique characteristics of advertising industry in Japan and the issues O & M Japan faces, and the interview (both in Japanese and in English) with Takashi, one of the participants of Davos.. in Tokyo are included in Before. After session video includes interview (both in Japanese and in English) with another participant, Chie.  Though the sound reflects the excitement? of the background, you can get the feel for the session.  To the people of Ogilvy & Mather Japan, and to participants, thank YOU for your support to Davos Experience in Tokyo series.

Our next session will be on Creative use of Technology to agriculture and food supply chain with our guest, Yuriko Kato, founder of m2-labo.  It will be on Friday, April 17.  Registration is already open, so check our website.

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