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The video (two parts) of the SINCA online dialogue we hosted on Sunday, July 26, is now ready.
We had five questions for each of the five breakout groups (3-4 members each).
Five questions are

1. Do you plan to continue your effort to go cashless, though government’s campaign to promote cashless ended at the end of June?
2. Do you apply for the contract work(project work) if the company you are interested starts recruiting people for projects, as Yahoo recently announced?
3. Are you doing anything to prepare for extreme weather including typhoon and heavy rainfall?
4. Are you planning the local travel, though Go To Campaign excluded Tokyo?
5. Do you bring eco bag as the free plastic bag is discontinued?

Breakout groups discussed the questions above for 1 hour or so. After they come back to the general meeting, each group reports back summary of their discussion and take aways.
Part 1 of the video (some 15 minutes) shows report back of the discussion/takeaway from each group, in afore mentioned order.  I am delighted as the breakout discussion has been very well done. It was also nice to have  two members -from outside of Japan-one from Singapore and the other from Indiana, U.S.

After the report back, we had general discussion with every participant. Part 2 (some 13 minutes or so) shows the general discussion. At the end of the Part 2, I explained the next steps of SINCA and asked for their ideas.  We plan to  continue SINCA series, and will keep you informed

With members from out of Japan participating, I realized we can have good discussion no matter where you are. This is wonderful opportunity to share our ideas and stay connected. We can also see how people in different areas think/feel about these issues.

Please take a look at both video, to get the “feel” for the SINCA sessions.

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