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  Today October 28, was the long day, finishiing with teleconferencing with Professor Michael E. Porter in Boston little after 10:00 p.m. 

  It started with the visit with my mother at the hospital,  I  met with the person who would take care of my mother at the hospital and had lunch with my father, while our doctor came by to explain her status. 

  I then went to the office to take care of various documents, e-mail, requests etc. which I had put off so far as I had been  overloaded with too many things, not able to schedule meetings and appointment.  I had telephone conversation for the workshop tomorrow,  and had two meetings before the teleconferencing. 

  I managed to finish alll pending appointment, finished the weekly newsletter, finalized the plan for the Global Agenda Seminar next week, wrote Thank you letters and reviewed minutes etc. 

   The teleconferencing and the meeting  before that was very interesting and gave me a lot of things to think about. Though it required concentration for one hour talking and responding in English,  I felt good about the result.

   It was solid-12 hour day, but  I believe I have accoplished all I had planned to do today.   Now I can relax just a  bit.

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