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 Recently, I lost one of my friends from highschool days.  I knew that  she had surgery for cancer a few years ago, but had thought that she had been on the way to recovery.   In fact, we (high school friends) got to gether with her when she came up to Yokohama this last January.  It was quite a shock to lose her after several months,  and it made me think about how much each day of life means to me.  Her passing made me realize again that I need to live for a day, as it is such a luxury to be able to wake up to greet a new day. 

 Yestereday, I visited another friend who suffered from stroke a few years ago. She is half paralyzed and is not able to move around.  I got to know her through my other friend from highschool.  After I found out that she suffered from the stroke (we lost touch for several years until few years ago I happened to call her out of the blue) and she lives by herself, I have tried to call her (as she lives far away) and visit her anytime I am in the area.

  I took her on her wheelchair to go out to have lunch.  Even though it was quite hot, it was nice to be outside.  (She always says that all she wants from me is for me to visit. )  As she is quite big (she is as tall as I am but weighs much more than I do),  it is a bit of challenge to take her out and in her apartment.  (All of a sudden you realize how big a challenge,  a small step and stairs creates when you are pushing wheelchair!)   I managed to do so  and we had nice lunch at the nearby restaurant.  When I took her back to the apartment and back to her bed, it was time for me to go.  We shook hands and she said “Be sure to come again soon. Promise?”

  I realized how much of a value being healthy means.  When you lose health, you realize how valuable it is.  I need to be careful not to lose my health (and maintain my power so that I can push the wheelchair)  and at the same time, I  will try to come to visit her soon.

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