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For those who are  interested but have not been able to attend the Session No.3 of  “Davos Experience in Tokyo” Series on April 10 (Wednesday last week),  you can watch the ustream video of the session.  We tried something new, i.e. facilitator for the audience watching online.

Here are the details of the  video so that you can watch the part you want. (It is 2 hour long and you may not have time to watch the whole thing…)   Explanation is also written on the comment column of the ustream.

The voice/sound at the beginning is quite bad in quality, but it gets better in the middle.

I start the session with welcome remarks, introduction of the series  & of the past two events (on Feb. 1 and March 2) and explained  KMD Real project  SPACE. (first 15 minutes or so)  Then we watched two short video clips of Prof. M. Porter- one at Davos and the other at Symposium (15 min. in total).  I then facilitated the general discussion on the topic with the participants (20 min.) which turned out to be very lively.

The breakout sessions in 8 groups began where participants led and discussed the topic.  While they were in breakout sessions, two students facilitated the discussion with the audience online and I joined  at about one hour into the session for 25 minutes.  Report back from each of the nine groups followed, including the one from the online group.

I wrapped up the discussion, introduced the session No. 4 which is scheduled for Friday, May 10.  The topic for the  next session is “Leadership for the 21st century.”

You can get the feel for the session by watching the video.  Details of the next session will be announced soon on this blog, tweet and facebook.

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