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I am rather surprised at how many messages I have received in the past few days through Linked In.  I have not used Linked in much, though several times I thought about its benefit and value.  (The fact is that I have NOT followed up on my intention with actions.)

Few days ago  I decided to update my profile (only partially as I am not quite familiar with how to edit/add etc. etc.)  I added two latest positions I have assumed (and the one I did last year, but have not added yet.)  Now I realize how many people use Linked In and take time to send me message.  I also notice that I receive message from Linked In when I wrote Opinion column on the Japan Times. (I have wondered how they follow, because I am NOT the one that posts it.)

In the past several weeks I have more time due to Covid-19 and have been in the process of streamlining my activities with the hope of simpler life.  Updating Linked In profile was one of these activities I happened to do.  As I am aware of how often people use Linked In, I need to give some thought as to what to do with it.  (I have so many daily tasks such as blog entry in Japanese and in English, hosting SINCA sessions, doing interviews with Global Agenda Seminar series participants, and planning and following up on these activities, that I really do NOT want to add another item. Probably it is time for me to select what to continue and what to drop, as we discussed extensively at our SINCA Online session last night.

At SINCA session last night, quite a few people discussed what to continue and what to drop after Covid-19 emergency is cleared.  Many seem to share the idea of distinguishing what new things to adopt (among those we tried due to Covid-19 such as WFH) and to drop items we see no value such as so many face-to-face meetings, simply  stay at the office as face time is how we are evaluated.  I will take my own advice and make choices to make my life much simpler.

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