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US Open Golf ended with Graeme McDowell from Northern Ireland as the champion.  Gregory Havret from France was the second, followed by Ernie Ells.  Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson tied for the fourth place.   The final day seemed to be such a tough one, as none seemed to shoot under par.  My favorite, Tom Watson,  shot 75 to tie the 29th place.  It was reported that this would be his final round at Pebble Beach.

As I wrote before on blog in Japanese, I had a chance to accompany the foursome including Tom Watson in Japan over three decades ago.  It was right around the time that he won the British Open twice.  He played the round with his supporter (who was a business executive) and two Japanese executives.  I was freelancing then as a translator, and jumped on the opportunity to help them communicate while playing a round. (I was crazy about golf then as I had begun playing–rather practicing– few months before.)

Tom Watson was very nice person and I was very impressed.  He was very friendly, very professional and down-to-earth.  Since then, I had followed his career off and on and had wished that he would win the Open last year. (He came so close, but lost in the playoff.)   So his round at Pebble Beach is over, but he will continue playing for the Senior tournament, I hope.

Ryo Ishikawa of Japan, who played with Tom Watson on the second day to tie the second place, shot 80 on the final day to end the US Open with T33.  I am sure he will have many more chances to play at the Pebble Beach.

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