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Survey on US Competitiveness done by Harvard Business School is now available.  This is a multi-year project  by the HBS to identify facts and realities of US competitiveness in the international competition.  It aims to lay out implications for the U.S.

HBS has a network of more than 78,000 alumni around the world.  In October, 2011, the HBS received some 10,000 responses from the alumni. (I was one of them, and there are some 200 respondents from Japan.)

Now the findings are available in the form of the report entitled “Prosperity at Risk”.   The survey found that majority of respondents expect US competitiveness to decline over the next three years.  The survey also reports the decisions to locate business activities and jobs in the US or elsewhere. There will be more analysis coming in the form of articles etc. in the near future.

I was very impressed with this initiative and the scale of it.  I also feel that we need something like this for Japan.  As in the case of Talent and Skills Gap & Mobility project I have been involved , once we have some fact, we can go forward to develop specific solutions and implement them.

In fact, I feel somewhat responsible for not making this type of survey  happen,  as I have been involved with the competitiveness survey of the World Economic Forum and also with the group teaching Competitiveness at HBS.   I will review the report and figure out what to do now,  the task for us.

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