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As I introduced this last Saturday, September 29, at SINCA launch event (photo on the left), two seminars/workshops are scheduled in combined version of SINCA X…. One is the seminar organized by Sansan on Friday afternoon, October 19 at Aoyama, and the other is workshop co-sponsored with Omotesando College.  The latter is held at new office of ewoman near Aoyama 1 chome.  Both events are brainstorming where participants are to be engaged actively in English.  They are open to anybody interested in the topic (for Sansan, future of work and for Omotesando college more broadly skills required to operate in the global space), regardless of gender, age, nationality, background etc.

If you miss the launch event on Saturday, and/or enjoy the interaction (much larger scale and shorter) at launch, join us.  If you have no idea of what SINCA or launch is all about, but are curious, join us.  For the October 19  Sansan event, follow this link.  For the Nov. 9 SINCA x Omote sando college event, the link is here.  Looking forward to seeing you then!


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