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There will be several seminars I am involved in the following two weeks. Here are two that are in English. On Friday, October 2, there will be a seminar on “Skill Mobility in ASEAN Economic Community” at JICA Research Institute. Status and issues about high skill mobility will be discussed. For companies interested in the growth of AEC, how to secure high skilled talents is critical. I will be moderating the panel. For details and registration, follow this link.
ajabGASOn Thursday, October 8, we will have Global Agenda Seminar special session #3 at Roppongi Academy Hills. Our guest is Mr. Ajab Samrai, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather Japan Group. Branding and marketing is critical today not only for corporations but also for individuals. It is even more so as the labor market is undergoing fundamental change due to robotics and AI. Mr. Samrai will share his experience of developing and delivering a variety of very creative branding programs for global companies and give us tips for our own branding. I will be moderating the session through Q & A. For details and registration, follow this link.

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