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Half of the first month of 2017 is already gone and you may start thinking what’s for the new year! (probably the original new year resolution may have been forgotten!). The months of January and February is not exactly the greatest months of the year for me in the past, as I am usually buried with paperwork for expense calculations, tax returns, administrative activities etc. etc. Together with the cold weather outdoor which does not quite encourage me to go out and enjoy the sun, I feel a bit blue. So I decided to change the perspective & positioning to change myself…..
wefHere are the series of events/activities scheduled the upcoming two weeks. This week will see the Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. With many uncertainties around geo political situations in the world in addition to surprising results last year and upcoming elections in Europe this year, some may challenge the value of this type of meeting more so than in the past. (I read some comments on Economist Espresso.)
I am not going to be there, but the report on System initiatives on Education, Gender and Work (I have been a part of the Global Future Council on this) is published and majority of key not speech and panel will be webcast for anybody to access it from anywhere in the world (such as comfortable living room!) You can decide whether this type of meeting has value or not yourself, rather than quoting somebody else.
insertedimageOn Friday, January 20, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the President of the United States. It is worth close watch as this past election and recent announcement and tweet by President Elect has caused so much controversy.
Next week (week of Jan. 22), I will participate in several events. First of all, on Wednesday, January 25, I will participate in the panel at Global Women’s Leader Summit at Roppongi Academy Hills. So many people applied (application is now closed) and I hope many who were selected will attend. I will share the result of survey we did as well as some of the questions you have raised.
aibeiaiaaabdcm_b9oyenkalacildmnhcmrfcghvdg8qkdjkmjdlztm5m2e1nmmymme5zwjmmwy4zwjkywe1mtgwyje5nde0m2mwarzo-rrcua5hjj9qymjjrriufmpdOn Friday, January 27, we will host #44 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. The topic is how we respond to the information storm often with “Fake news” and “post-Truth”? I hope we will have lively brainstorming as to how we individuals should deal with the information storm today.
On Sunday, January 29, we will host Global Agenda Seminar Reunion. We will try to learn the way to make our work and life 15542048_10154289697788163_3235385500525850722_nmore effective and efficient using simple technology. I think we can use technology to make our life much richer and am very excited about the session. This group as well as Davos.. group are very active to stay in touch as we have had mini Reunion in NYC and year-end party in Tokyo.  Great way to keep in touch w people with high aspiration and action!
So there are quite a few! When it is cold and you do not feel quite up to it, you may want to stay inside and curl up. But getting exposed to new people and new ideas will brighten your mind and lift your spirit, once you make a step forward. I hope you will participate in at least one of them. Looking forward to seeing you!

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