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Many of you may be enjoying relaxed summer holidays, going somewhere cooler (I realize it is so hot and humid in Tokyo and other places) and/or staying in the air-conditioned rooms to enjoy activities you wanted to do-whether reading books, enjoying music (both playing and listening) or developing new skills such as programming! (I tried this last summer and always felt pressured as I had to hand in assignment AND pass every week! and. I do not recall what I did last summer other than struggling with programming!)

How about trying to unleash your inherent creativity? All of us are born creative, but most lose as we get older.  Our next SINCA session which will be held on Friday, September 20, at Pivotal at Roppongi Hills, introduces Born Creative Festival 2019 scheduled for September 28 at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Ikebukuro.  We will have Dai Fujikura, the producer of this event, my friend and now world renowned composer/producer of variety of music/performing arts.

We invited him several years ago as guest speaker for our Global Seminar Series and I got to know him very well. (as my blog entries have so many entries related to his activities.)  He is based in London, but come to Japan very often these days.  In addition, his pieces are performed many places including Mostly Mozart in New York etc.  (His website lists his activities.)

We will discuss the background of Born Creative Festival, what’s new this year and where Dai wants to take it. We will ask participants(in small groups)  to develop ideas to promote this type of events and make various kinds of music and art accessible and available to more people.  (not too many people are familiar with this type of contemporary music or artists -I was one of them before I got to know Dai)   Details of SINCA session are:

Date-Friday, September 20, 19:30 to 22:00 (The door will open at 19:00)

Venue: Pivotal (20th floor, Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower)

We will set facebook event page and Peatix soon. So stay tuned.

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