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 This evening, I went to the Harvard Club of Japan event with the Dean Mohsen Mostafavi of the School of Design.  His title was “The Uiversity as Spatial Artifact: Does the University need to be Physical?”  

 As I have been increasingly interested in design and technology these days, I decided to attend the talk. It was nice to see some old friends and meet with new people. 

  Dean Mostafavi explained the impact on intellectual production of the physical setup, by using the examples of Harvard architecture. As I have not been back at Harvard for quite some time, I almost forgot what the buildings looked like. Nonetheless, it was nice to hear about the Harvard Yard, Peabody Terrace etc. which brought back some memories of the days I spent at Harvard.

  It was such an interesting talk as the architecture seems to affect how people feel and work, and they also bring various memories and emotions in people. 

  He also discussed the ongoing Allston project–huge project of Harvard– and the need for autonomy of each school and collaboration through architecture and design.  What an exciting and interesting world!

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