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 In the March/April 2008 issue of Economy, Culture & History, JAPAN SPOTLIGHT Bimonthly, published by Japan Economic Foundation, is my paper entitled “Universities Playing a Critical Role in Globalization & Innovation.” 

 I pointed out that Japan seems to be increasingly isolated from a Globalizing World, particularly since the latter half of the year 2007. The momentum found in various initiatives for the structural reform under the Koizumi cabinet and for the initiatives to promote broad-based innovation, well represented by the long term strategy “Innovation 25,” seems to have been lost in late 2007. (I wrote the paper at the end of 2007, so it looks a bit out-dated!)

  I argue for the need to revisit the move to integrate Japan into the world and the critical role universities play in making or breaking the future of Japan in its attempt to globalize and innovate.  I discuss quite extensivly about our own experience at ICS, as we start the new academic year in the fall, offer MBA programs in English and some half of our students are non-Japanese.

  You can read the article here158cover07.pdf.  You can also take a look at the whole issue by going to their website.

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  1. Dr. Ishikura

    As you have mentioned in your article in Japan Spot Light (Innovation 25), the universities plays critical role in driving innovation. In this increasingly complex society, business schools must bring people together to create environment for innovation.

    I understand that you teach corporate strategy and innovation at ICS. I took a memo on Mr. Kitashiro’s comments on why IBM is so good at managing innovation. In just 3 minutes, Mr. Kitashiro (ex chairman of IBM Japan) had summarized my 4 months research from 2 innovation classes at Berkeley and what I have learned from HBR articles “Innovation Value Chain” and “Innovation Traps”.

    If we have more companies like IBM with the know how on managing innovation, we can drive a lot of economic growth in our planet.

    I think the problem in Japan is that how people treat each do not foster innovative culture. KY (Kuuki ga yomenai), Derukui wa utareru, Education System and other social system is causing Hikikomori, etc….

    I would appreciate it if you could provide your opinion to the prime minister how to reform Japanese education system.

    Mr. Greg Clark (ex Chancellor of Tama University) wrote a book on education system reform. His suggestion on undergraduate double degree system, enforcing quality though GPA system, entrance exam reform really makes sense to me.

    Now that Japan is no longer considered as enonomic power house of the world and we kind of realize that current Japanese education system may be out dated, perhaps we need to mobillize anyone who can contribute in shaping public policy for education system reform. FOI (Fundumental of Instucting) Text Book from FAA taught me that “rote” is first step of learning. It seems that all Japanese educators care is designing the system only on “rote”. We really have a lot of work to do to fix educational system.

    If you have time, please take a look at item 4 on the comment section of this blog.

    California master plan for higher education in which high school, commnity college, Cal Sate Universities (25 campuses), Univ of Calif (10 campuses) are all designed to work together are quite impressive in terms of reducing cost of education to students/parents and providing multiple path to last two years of undergraduate studies.

    Links to some of the best practices aboard are listed in my “Fixing education system” section of my blog.

    Interestingly, the agency in charge of education is focusing only on undergraduate study reform and not indicating any coordiation necessary with masters degree or doctorial degree education programs. I hear that there are thousands of PHd without permanent place to work in Japan….

    Points of discussion prepared by the agency in charge:

    • yishikura
    • October 23rd, 2008

    Dear Eiji, this is Yoko Ishikura. Again, thank you for your comments and extensive reference. I am writing/speaking about the critical role of universities/graduate schools whenever there is an opportunity.
    I will review the references you kindly gave me. Thanks again.

  2. Your site displays incorrectly in Mozilla, but content excellent! Thank you for your wise words:)

  3. Your site displays incorrectly in Explorer, but content excellent! Thanks for your wise words =)

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