In the March/April 2008 issue of Economy, Culture & History, JAPAN SPOTLIGHT Bimonthly, published by Japan Economic Foundation, is my paper entitled “Universities Playing a Critical Role in Globalization & Innovation.” 

 I pointed out that Japan seems to be increasingly isolated from a Globalizing World, particularly since the latter half of the year 2007. The momentum found in various initiatives for the structural reform under the Koizumi cabinet and for the initiatives to promote broad-based innovation, well represented by the long term strategy “Innovation 25,” seems to have been lost in late 2007. (I wrote the paper at the end of 2007, so it looks a bit out-dated!)

  I argue for the need to revisit the move to integrate Japan into the world and the critical role universities play in making or breaking the future of Japan in its attempt to globalize and innovate.  I discuss quite extensivly about our own experience at ICS, as we start the new academic year in the fall, offer MBA programs in English and some half of our students are non-Japanese.

  You can read the article here158cover07.pdf.  You can also take a look at the whole issue by going to their website.