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As I hear/watch the nomination hearing of Merrick Garland for Attorney General, I am reminded again that many people who are perceived as leaders and competent have somebody such as grandparents, parents, etc. who have come to the United States to escape from the anti-semitism (in Garland’s case).  When Garland was explaining his commitment and dedication, he got emotional (when he talked about his grandparents and made strong commitment/dedication to contribute back to the country that protect them.

Merrick Garland is not the only person who has that experience, I notice, as many others -policy makers, business people, artists- have their close relatives who came to the US, struggled,(but with strong will to bring up their children to have better life than they do with education and perseverance.

I do not know of anybody (probably there are few beyond my knowledge) that has had similar experience in Japan.  What surprises me is that their experience of coming to the US to escape from the hardships in their own native country is so recent.  It is NOT the event century ago.

The US sees deep divides due to race etc. now, and I have a glimpse of what they are coming from.

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