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I decided to follow Bill Gates’ suggestion of having undistracted reading time every day a while ago.  I was determined to make it a part of my daily routine, and tried to practice in the morning. Unlike Bill Gates keeps this reading time before he goes to bed, I am exhausted by the time I lay down and figured that reading before going to sleep was not possible.

Now I find the solution!  I listen to audio book in bed.  Listening to audio book offers at least two benefits.  One is to secure undistracted reading time every day.  The other is to avoid viewing screen late at night.  I recall that viewing smart phone, tablet, PCs etc. with bright screen is no good as it keeps you awake even after you stop watching screen. Rather than kindle etc. for reading, I listen to audio book.  ]

When I began, I did not set the sleep timer, and the book went so far ahead by the time I wake up.  Now I set sleep timer for reasonable time that I kill two birds with one stone.

When we come to think of it, it is quite remarkable that books on paper have many more options now-kindle etc. to read on display and now audio book. I have a sense reading kindle is quite different from reading books etc. on paper, and I am sure the same holds true with audio book.  But having many options, I think, is beneficial. I would be interested what kind of medium/ways will appear now into the future.

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