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My days have continued to be hectic, but I have a bit of time to review my past blog entries (for the purpose of linking some of them to my recent blog entry regarding SINCA online auction etc.)  I found out that I had set a goal of undistracted hour for reading every morning, following the suggestion by Bill Gates. Here is my blog entry about it I wrote in August in Japanese. I completely forgot about it, partly because I had been under so much time pressure and simply had time to read.

I am usually quite good with daily routine.  Once I make it a part of my day, I can continue.  Some examples are  daily workout(I do it about 360 days a year),  recent addition of daily practice of Bokken on physical side.  For communication routine, I do brief English speech and daily blog entries in English and in Japanese.  I did not quite succeed, however, to include undistracted hour of reading.  (Bill Gates suggested right before you go to bed, but I fall asleep so quickly that I moved it to the morning.)  Probably I tried for about a week and lost track. (As my blog entry is in early August)

What I need to do is to add reading onto my calendar so that I am reminded.  Compared with brief speech (usually 5 minutes or so) 1 hour of undistracted reading is quite a challenge.  Probably I will try audio book while exercise, instead English podcast.  I shall try this ideal…..

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