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Typhoon Hagibis has landfall near Shizuoka this evening and alert has been given to the area where I live.  News keep reporting its move and recommends people in certain areas to evacuate.  As we suffered more damage than had been expected with Faxai a few weeks ago AND that Hagibis is known to be huge in area and powerful, trains, flights, stores, and events have been canceled this afternoon.  Pouring rain and gusty wind continued throughout the day and they may get worse toward the morning.

I am scheduled to take the flight Monday evening, and I expect things will be normal by then.  This year, we have had typhoons hitting metropolitan area one after another.  Typhoon get more powerful and has shifted its course this year. Things are different… due to climate change?

After I wrote up to here, it calmed down and I thought we were in the eye of the typhoon.  It appeared that it rushed away so quickly that we really did not have any more pouring rain or wind (as far as I know.)  Tama river was flooded and some railways are not running this morning yet.

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