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Game 2 of the Shogi Ryuo title match was won by defending champion, Akira Watanabe.  Throughout the day when I checked their website, I got an impression that A. Watanabe was on the offensive.  It seemed that he kept it to the end.

I trust that they are now doing KANSO SEN, literal translation, Reflection meeting, to reflect back what they did during the game.  I think it is such a great idea to do KANSO SEN right after the game.  I read somewhere that KANSO SEN is a good way to have a closure for the match and move on. Probably we can apply the concept of KANSO SEN to other areas, so that we can reflect right after the event.  (Now that I come to think of it, it may require clear outcome such as win or lose.  If outcome is not clearly defined, probably it may require more time for both parties to reflect back, review, and move on.)   Something to pursue more..

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