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This past week has been full of diverse activities and events. I attended two shareholder meetings, several board related meetings, Global Agenda Seminar, two workshops at two different companies, and meetings for preparation of projects etc. (In addition, I had interesting 3 way talk with young upcoming artists and inspiring concert...)
IMG_0996Two workshops at the companies gave interesting comparisons. They were different in terms of size, functions, whether or not I had previous experience or not, and their expectations.
The first one was for a small group of engineers in R & D section of a big corporation. It was the first time I addressed this particular group and thus tried to explore their expectations from the staff in charge at the previous preparation meeting.
I prepared  set of slides to discuss how world has undergone major transformation. I wanted to engage participants early on (it was 1.5 hour session), so I asked them to break up into Yes and No groups on rather provocative statement. (I wanted them to think of the implications of the changes taking place in the world mainly driven by technology.)
They seemed to be rather surprised at the task but set out to think more on the topic. After some discussion in each group, we had discussion between two groups with opposite views. I hope this exercise would stimulate their thinking and would lead them to think of the broader issues after the session.
The second workshop was completely different. It was for the group at Shiseido,  larger in size and held at the hall suitable? for movie showing. I had known some members of this group and had received a list of topics participants wanted to discuss. I decided to take informal approach and keep it interactive rather than prepared slides followed by question and answers.
IMG_0368I shared my thoughts on some of the topics on the list and opened the session to the floor. At the beginning, few questions were asked but then many more followed to make it interactive. Some questions I had never thought about and made me think(even now.) So it was exciting and stimulating. I shared some of my latest thinking and very recent experiences. I even quoted some comments I heard the day before (it fit the question so perfect!) This approach is quite different from semi-scripted session with slides prepared well in advance, but made me feel free to talk about things that seem to fit the audience and occasion. I need to ask participants whether they liked it or not, but at one point, they all laughed so hard! (see the photo). It was fun for me.

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