This past week, I had a pleasure to attend two receptions hosted by the Ambassador of Switzerland at the Embassy. One was to commemorate the sixth annual meeting of ISC St. Gallen Club of Japan and the other was for the participants of World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2008 in Davos.

  I am invited to the 38th St. Gallen Symposium held in May to moderate one of the Work Sessions. As this is the first time I attend the Symposium, I am very excited and am very much looking forward to the opportunity. 

 I finalized the topic of the Work Session I am scheduled to moderate. I prepared a draft with discussion questions while I was away, and asked for comments from people in charge. After some e-mail exchanges, we finally decided on the “Knowledge for Innovation-Link Global and Local.”  It may sound like a collection of words I am now involved and interested. I am looking forward to moderating the discussion to make it interactive, intellectually stimulating, and fun.    

  At the reception, I met with various people including the past speakers and students. It was so much fun to see some friends and to meet with students from Japan, China, and Switzerland etc. I ran into people who know my friends and realize that it is a small world and we are connected within 3 or 4 degrees! 

  I also enjoy meeting with students and hear their views.  They are all full of energy and vitality.

 Two days later, I attended the reception for the World Economic Forum. It was again a great opportunity to see people after three months.  Last time I saw majority of them was at Davos in January. It is quite amazing how much has changed in the world in three months.