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IMG_8033 Yesterday, I received two portrait of myself. One was from Dow Chemical Japan and the portrait is the one taken at the Dow Japan Innovation Day held on November 19.
I moderated the panel entitled “Future of Japan with Chemical Industry as foundation” at that event. Dow Chemical Japan (President Peter M. Jennings) sent me a very nice letter and beautifully framed portrait.(left)
IMG_8030The other was from the Darden School, UVA, where I received MBA in the ’80s. I was recognized in the 2013 Alumni Showcase.  The beautifully framed showcase was hung in the classroom hallway for 2 years. It was such an honor for me to be recognized. The framed photo and profile came with a very nice letter from Michael J. Woodfolk, Senior Executive Director, Office of Engagement Strategies.
It was such a coincidence I received two framed portraits. I am very happy and feel honored to receive them. (It took a while for me to see what is inside, as the one from the Darden came from the US, packed with lots of papers. etc.)

The only thing is that I am wearing the same jacket! Should I say that I wear same clothes for a long time, or I do NOT contribute to GDP?

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