This past two weeks, I was interviewed by two non-Japanese media. One of them was with Business Insider UK on “karoshi”-death from overwork and the other was with New York Times on “women status in politics.”

Today, the article by Business Insider UK “Japan’s toxic culture of overwork…” is published where I was quoted few places discussing the rigid labor management practices etc. Here is the link to the article.  We communicated  via email as time difference made it difficult for us to connect for this one.

The one by New York Times “Japan ranks low in female lawmakers…” which we did over the phone came out a while ago but I did not write about it on my blog,  as my quote was one sentence and I felt a bit out of context. What I wanted to get across was focusing on work style and how people spend time (discussed some in the middle of the article) is more important  than necessarily having more women in politics as goal. Right after the article came out, I thought probably people who want more women in politics would attack me and was worried for few hours. After some thought, I realized  I do not mind as I believe I said as I was quoted. Here is the link to the article.