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In the past few days, we lost two giants–one is Chris Christensen,, Professor of Harvard Business School, well known for his theory of discontinuous innovation.  I met him at NEC Forum in 2015 and was very surprised how tall he was. (He was literally giant!)  He gave a key note speech and I joined the panel afterwards done in English.  He was not in good health even then, I recall, as his son was accompanying him.  At that seminar, I heard about his concept of “job” to get done.  He used Milk shake of McDonald I remember very clearly.  The concept of job was interesting and new to me then.

He was 67 and will be missed.

Another giant we lost was Kobe Bryant, star of the LA Lakers.  He and his 13 year old daughter were killed in the helicopter accident in California.  I have watched Kobe on TV many times and he was so amazing.  He was 41 and will be missed…..


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