When we look at the world today, we see many issues which are so complex and inter-related in politics, economics, and the society.  Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues and the speed of the changes sweeping and may feel so helpless.

On the other hand, there have been many initiatives made to let the youth exchange their views, interact on global basis and get things done.  I would like to introduce two of them here.

One is St. Gallen Symposium held every May in St. Gallen, Switzerland.  I have been involved with the symposium in the past several years–as topic leader and a member of the Final Jury of the Wing of Excellence Essay competition.    St. Gallen Symposium, is one of the most inspiring symposiums, as I know, because students are the one who prepare concept, plan details and implement the Symposium.  As a part of the St. Gallen Symposium, we have essay competition.  Anybody enrolled at the graduate level (there is a age limit) can enter the competition and the best 100 contributors are invited to participate in the Symposium.  The application is now open and the deadline is in February.

Another is World Business Dialogue at the University of Cologne, Germany.  I have NOT participated in this event and know little about it. There is also essay competition for this Dialogue and  those who are selected in the competition  are invited to participate in the World Business Dialogue, held in March in Cologne.  For this one,  the application is now open.

Both of them are open to everybody, unlike some other initiatives where you need to be nominated to enter the competition.   The two above are open to you and thus, you can decide whether you want to enter or not.  Isn’t it a great opportunity to take a step to create the better world?