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My friend who is one of translators of the book Resolving the Efficiency Paradox sent me the copy of translation.  Once I started reading, I was so excited because I could relate my own experience this past year to the key concept described in this book.  I usually do quite well sorting receipts, following my own activities of seminars/workshops I host, and need not spend too much time at the end of the year.  (I file tax for individual and for my own company which I resumed lately.)

But this past year, I had to keep up with Covid-19 and also the wave of cashless transactions as well as online shopping, and I just threw receipts etc. into the separate folders until the end of the year.  I had such a hard time following  my own activities, not to mention transactions.  In other words, I did exactly what this book suggest not to do.   I like the book very much, and decided to practice focusing on the “flow.”  And yet, I had to get myself excited about the task (administrative tasks are not my specialty!) and have not started yet.

Now it is the new month and the end of the first quarter, I decided to do it.  Mastering Excel is one of my goals I want to complete by the end of this year, and it fits well.  i.e. I can kill two birds (downloading and sorting statements and learning how to use Excel) with one stone.  So I set out to do just that.  I feel I am getting somewhere and I am grateful to my friend who sent me the book.

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