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You are limited to 140 letters when you tweet. As I do it both in English and in Japanese, I cannot but notice the difference.  I had wondered why tweet in Japanese seemed to convey quite complex message, while when I write in English, I hit the limit so quickly.    I had trouble differentiating what I write in my blog and my tweet in Japanese.

Then I found Chika Watanabe’s blog discussing the difference in language.  She said that tweet in English is much lighter (not sure whether this is the right expression, but it was what I gathered), easier to do often, while tweet in Japanese seem to carry more message.  I then realize that my tweet in English is more like headlines, while tweet in Japanese carry more, when I write the similar things in both languages.

These differences, even though they are not that profound, make me aware of the difference in language structure and the way message is delivered.  Probably something to think about for communication.

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