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Recently, I have been  trying a different approach to Tweet.  I used to tweet my activities, such as “I am on my way to … to do …”  “I am attending the great seminar with xxxxx…”

As I tweet both in English and in Japanese (and find that my English version is like headline, while my Japanese version can tell a short story),  I became aware that 140 letter limit make a big difference in different language and have to think in bit? when I write in English.

As I follow tweet of a group of people AND I  become aware how people use their Tweet, I now quickly check the tweets of the people I follow, go to the original link they tweet when they post articles etc., read them and tweet them (in most cases) with some comment of my own.

I am now enjoying this activity of checking some tweets I find of interest, go to the original article, read it, and tweet if I like it with my comment.  It does take more time than just describing my own activity, but it broadens my world.  Besides, I usually find at least one that brings me smile, sometimes a big laugh.  This is a great way to start a day/end a day.

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