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After 2.5 days in Milano, I took train to Florence Wednesday morning.  As I had big suitcase and was not quite sure how trains run in Italy, I came to the station a bit early.  I enjoyed cappuccino and fresh fruit juice while waiting. (I was quite fascinated by the people there!) I made it to the train which is very nice.  (They do not tell you the number of platform until 5-10 minutes before the train is scheduled to leave.)

I am glad that I took the train, because 1) it is quite quick (1hr and 45 min. or so), 2) I get to enjoy the scenery of North of Italy.  After a nice ride, I met with my friend from high school at Firenze station.  We book the bus, and shuttle to the rental car place.  She drove from there to our destination.

I met with the person in charge of the house and his staff who offered us a glass of wine.  My friend, Ayuko and I walked around a bit, enjoying beautiful sunset. It was a bit cold as the building is made of stone.  We had nice dinner of pasta, nuts and red wine.  I felt so relaxed and slept through until 6 am.  Now my real? vacation (though I will continue working on several things) start in this peaceful place.

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