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From the inauguration speech, we now know that Trump stays Trump. I understand by staying himself, he won the election as you may recall at one point that he tried to become more like “regular” Republican nominee, but reversed the course to go back to his original style.
I did not know some of the words he used such as “carnage”, but looked up as I heard quite a few reporters were stunned by the use of this word. Now I know what it means and I am even more convinced that President Trump will continue using very sensational terms (which catches attention) and do what he said he would do.
It is quite amazing that he seems to talk only to the people that support him and agree with him, but nobody else. Some articles on that here.  Along the same lines, nothing exists in the world except the U S of A. The US as he described in his inaugural speech seems to reflect/represent the part of the US, as this annotated version of his indicates.  I now realize that US of A is two very different countries….and the President represents just one of them.  The scene at the inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017 is in sharp contrast with that in 2009.  Do they (and we) ever get over this?  I do not know…

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